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If you speed… You lose.

Speeding is a serious issue, and it's crucial to address it head-on. Regrettably, it remains the leading cause of fatal crashes on Virginia's roads, claiming precious lives year after year. We want to drive home a vital message: "If you speed... You lose."

We implore you to prioritize safety on the road. Arriving a little late is always better than not arriving at all. Let's make our roads safer for everyone. Please drive responsibly and stay within speed limits. Your safety is our top concern. Together, we can save lives and protect our community.

Speeding remains the top cause of fatal crashes on Virginia's roads for over a decade, with more than 20,000 speeding-related car crashes and 370 fatalities this year alone.

The ad features a gamer experiencing the consequences of speeding on Virginia streets, delivering a clear message: “If you speed… You lose.”


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